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Quarry Products in Pembrokeshire

Mason Bros Quarry Products is a family run business with over 25 years experience in crushing and screening and quarry working. We are very familier with the materials we supply and are therefore happy to give advice on whats required to efficiently complete whatever job you have to be done.

With a number of trained and experienced staff in the areas of processing , product advice and delivery all here to help.

Mason Bros Quarry Products have opperated from Rhyndaston Quarry, Haverfordwest for over 20 years, whist also working from additional quaries such as our newest Shale Quarry (Tangiers quarry), which is also in Haverfordwest.

As a quarry products company we also look to expand our range, this is the reason behind our Celtic Stone range which includes materias we have sourced from Scotland, Ireland and also right here in pembrokeshire.


    Norton Yard,
    Lampeter Velfrey,
    SA67 8UJ


    01834 831653